Yummy Mummy Birthday!

For the past few months I’ve been getting orders in for birthday cakes from my husband’s Employer. The requests usually come from Agnes who is specific on the cake flavor/filling and how the message on the cake should read. Sometimes if there is no specific decoration request I will take a little creative license and come up with the decoration on my own, always trying to fit the birthday person’s personality. Now as I’m still learing in all things baking and decorating I love Agnes because she has been known to challenge me. She once requested that I make a birthday cheesecake for her dad with caramel and pecans (essentially a turtle cheese cake), with a small fondant gun as decoration on the cake. Why a gun you ask, well the family was going to take her father to the Gun Range for some rounds after having the cheesecake. Now, at the time of the request I had only make a cheesecake 1 time prior and had never molded any type of figure out of fondant. I was kind of going out of my mind that day because I only had 48 hours to complete this request. But you know what I got it done, and the cheesecake decorations and all came out awesome.

So Agnes’ latest request was for a Guinness Mummy Cake that had a sign leaning next to it that read “Happy Yummy Mummy 40th Birthday”. Now the request wasn’t terribly difficult, but it did however let me work on the character side of cake decorating. Now it wasn’t the full on body of a mummy, just the face.

To make the Mummy Cake I started with the cake itself. You can find the recipe that I use for the Guinness Cake at Java Cupcake.   I’ve made this cake/cupcakes several times and it is a win every time. I then put a crumb coat on the cake and let it set for a while. While the cake was setting I worked on the eyes of the cake which were 2 larger size white gum balls, green fondant and black icing gel. I first cut out 2 small green circles which will be the iris and placing one on each gumball. I then put a dot of black icing gel on each green “iris” to make the eye’s pupil. Once the cake was chilled I placed a little icing on the back of the gumball and positioned the gumball eyes on to the cake. From there I cut strips from some white fondant that I had rolled out and began to place them randomly on the cake. While doing this I always used the picture that Agnes provided to me as my reference point. As you will see from my picture I didn’t place the fondant around the body of the cake. I instead cut off the edges of the fondant and did a simple design with buttercream around the body of the cake. For the sign that Agnes requested be on the cake I made that out of rice krispie treats, covered with fondant and decorated it accordingly.

BoooYaaa my Yummy Mummy Birthday Cake.

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