Go Diego Go!

I had the opportunity to do a birthday cake for my husband’s godson, Jaiden who was turning 4.  The cake itself was vanilla on vanilla but I added white chocolate chips and toffee bits to the center filling just to give a little surprise and some texture.  The only challenge at that point was decorating the cake.  In speaking with Jaiden’s mom she mentioned that Jaiden loved watching Go Diego Go!  Once she said that I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate the cake.  I have to first say that I am a NUT for Pinterest!  If you haven’t checked out this site I highly recommend that you do!  It’s like a virtual pinboard that lets you share just about anything you find on the internet.  You can create categories/boards in which to save different pins that you like.  You can also follow pins from different people on the site. Here’s a link to my page so you can see the awesomeness that I speak of  http://pinterest.com/tutumuch03

A while ago I had come across a pin on Pinterest for a cake decorating tutorial for buttercream frozen transfer http://www.brasstacksandbasics.com/search/label/mamma. I then went searching for the perfect picture of Go Diego Go to use for the buttercream transfer.  I also looked at other postings for Go Diego Go birthday cakes to get an idea of how I wanted to decorate my cake.   A few days later I was ready to get started.  I mixed up the different colored buttercreams that I needed, said a prayer and got started.  I was a little nervous because this was my first attempt at a buttercream frozen transfer.  But all in all it was pretty easy and didn’t take that much time.  What lesson did I learn?  Next time make sure the buttercream consistency is “loose”, but not runny.  You don’t want to use a stiff buttercream for this project.  I then cut out the fondant pieces I needed and prepared myself to put the cake together the following day.  Do you want to see the final product?  I have to say I’m pretty happy with the outcome.


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