Birthday Song

My stylist, Corinne recently asked me to make goodies for her birthday party.  After sitting in her chair getting my hair done for the past 2 years I’ve discovered that she’s also goes by the name Cori Green and is perusing her love of music and laying down track in the studio.  So not only is she a master with a flat-iron, but she can sing too!

When she asked me to do this for her I was excited because this was the perfect time that I could use a decorating idea I had found on Pinterest, cupcake microphones!  She decided on a Margarita Cake and Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Corinne then asked me to make a cake for her mother’s birthday.  She wanted a banana and coconut cake, which I had never done before.  In surfing the internet I came a cross Paula Deen’s recipe for a Hummingbird Cake.  Now this cake has banana, pineapple and pecans, all things that Corinne’s mom liked.  As coconut is not a component of this cake I decided toast some shreeded coconut and add it to the cake as decoration.    This is the final product.








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