Marble Arsenal

I received a request for a marble birthday cake with chocolate frosting decorated in Arsenal theme, and although my knowledge of both were very slim I said ok.  Remember, I’m a girl who likes a challenge!  So I found a recipe for the marble cake, which was no problem.  And then I started on my quest for information on Arsenal, which I now know is a soccer team.   What can I say,  I’m not the biggest soccer fan, my friends kids played and I know David Beckham….isn’t that enough?, LOL.

In doing my research I found a bunch a cool images that I thought would look nice on the cake, so I decided to have an edible image printed and put that on the cake to save some time in the area of decorating.  However, after getting my image printed I found that the bakery enlarged the image I provided and it was to big for a 6″ square cake.  But once again Pinterest came to the rescue because the day before I had come across a tutorial on how to transfer an image to fondant.   So what does this mean exactly?  Well, after transferring the Arsenal logo to fondant I then hand painted it, let it dry and placed it on the cake once it had been frosted.  Also, so the edible image wouldn’t completely go to waste I cut out the Arsenal name and added that as a banner to the bottom of the cake.

When I try something new like this I like to send pictures to my husband and mother to get their opinion.  So I sent a copy of the image I had found on the internet and a picture of the fondant piece I had hand painted.  At first glance neither my husband or mother could tell the difference.  To me this means a job well done on my first attempt.




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