Bacon Cupcakes & Audrey!

So before I moved to Canada I couldn’t bake a cake, especially from scratch, to save my life.  But with having time, and being able to relax I’ve found my love of baking.  When I bake something new I usually post the pictures up on Facebook so my family can see what I’ve been up to.  However this also means when I go home to California I have to bake whatever the family wants.  But my family also puts in requests for me to try new flavors even though they can’t taste the final product at that time.  Case and point, my Auntie Audrey was watching television and saw someone making cupcakes with bacon.  The next thing I know I’m getting a Facebook message telling me I have to try to make this cupcake as well.  When I got the message I just laughed, but the request from Audrey never went away because every time I spoke to her on the phone she mentioned the bacon cupcake.  As it happens I had a recipe for candied bacon that I’d been wanting to try, but every time I’d buy the bacon we’d just eat it for breakfast.  But I made the decision with the final pack of bacon that I purchased I would be making Audrey’s bacon cupcakes!  So last saturday was the day.  I sent my Auntie a text message “guess what I’m making”, and then I got started.  I first candied the bacon using a recipe I found on the Recipe Girl website.  This was very easy and had the house smelling great!  I then used Bakeralla’s Moist Yellow Cake recipe and added some maple extract for the base of my Maple Cupcake.  After making the batter I chopped up some of the candied bacon and folded it in.  I felt the cupcake should be a take on french toast for breakfast, so I decided on cinnamon cream cheese for the frosting.  Finally, I garnished the cupcake with a piece of candied bacon.  Once I was done I let my husband have the first taste and he was giving me thumbs up as he savored the combination of flavors.  My last task was to take pictures of the finished product and send to my Auntie Audrey in California.  When I called my Mom later that evening, my Auntie was screaming in the background asking “what she was supposed to do with the picture??”  She said that if she could have licked the picture on my mom’s cell phone she would have just to get a taste.  So with that I say job well done, and now my Mom get’s to try and make the Maple Bacon Cupcakes for my Auntie because she wants them now!

So because I listened to my lovely Auntie I have a new great flavor to add to my profile!  Thanks Audrey,love ya!

Maple Bacon CupcakesMaple Bacon Cupcakes


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