Just a little somethin’

We had a friend over for dinner the other night and he was telling us how he had to go to make 3 different stops on Christmas for dinner.  And while he was explaining this to my husband and I all I could do was think I was glad it wasn’t me in this situation.   My grandmother always said if you’ve been invited to someone’s house you should never show up to empty-handed. I dare not bring this up to my friend at dinner because I could see the pure anxiety on his face just speaking about his Christmas day rounds, so I just poured him another glass of wine.  A few days later I offered to make a batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes for my friend and he could use them as his contribution or gift when making his rounds on Christmas.  He thought this was a great idea and this is what I put together for him.

ChristmasRedVelvetsRed Velvet minis

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