Love for sale

February was Valentines Day, the month of love, chocolates, candy conversation hearts, teddy bears and cards.  I wanted to get in on the game by offering my gift of love to those who wanted to give a little something different to give.  I put together a flyer offering cupcakes in a variety of flavors in packs of 6 or 12 for sale.  I offered the always favorite, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, hummingbird with cream cheese frosting, turtle cupcakes with caramel frosting and vanilla with cream cheese frosting.

Now that I had the flavors chosen, it was all about making the decorations special.  From the start I wanted to make candy lips as a cupcake toppers out of chocolate as this is something that I’ve never done before.  I purchased some red and pink candy melts from Bulk Barn and attempted to melt them down to pour in the candy mold I bought from McCall’s. Well, this didn’t go so well.  I made a double boiler and attempted to melt the chocolate this way, but I think I had the flame to high and the chocolate didn’t melt to a smooth consistency.  Since my first attempt didn’t go so well I went to an online forum and found that you could melt chocolate in a Wilton plastic piping bag in the microwave, so I tried this method.  I heated the chocolate in 10 second intervals, taking the bag out of the microwave to squeeze in an attempt to mix the portions of chocolate that had melted.  I repeated this step about 3 times and on the 3rd time is when disaster struck.  I took the bag out of the microwave and not realizing how hot the bag was began to squeeze the bag and burned 3 fingers on my right hand.  The chocolate had gotten so hot that it melted the bag.  So, after my wonderful husband took care of my hand he melted the remaining chocolate to perfection and made the candy lips perfectly.

My next decorations were sugar cookie hearts and XO’s covered in pink or red fondant.  Obviously, these didn’t require any chocolate to be melted so I had no problems and they came out really nice!

All in all the Valentine Cupcakes came together nicely.

Turtle Valentine CupcakeHummingbird cupcakeVanilla Cupcake  Red Velvet Valentine Cupcake

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