Win a Dozen Cupcakes!

Good afternoon to all my cupcake lovers out there!  Hope you’re having an awesome start to your weekend.  Did you know that Tu-Tu’s Cupcakery is taking orders for cupcakes and cakes?  Well, it’s true and to kick things off we are going to have a contest where the winner will get a dozen free cupcakes!  All you have to do is answer the following:

A.  Name 2 cupcake flavors that were at my open house, the weekend of November 9th.

B.  Where did the name Tu-Tu  (of Tu-Tu’s Cupcakery) come from?

So, if you know me and you’ve been following my blog posts, these questions should be easy.  Submit your answers by Wednesday, November 20th to or via comment to this post on Facebook.  2 winners will be chosen by random draw and announced on Friday, November 22.  (Please note that immediate family members are excluded from this contest, sorry)

Good Luck!


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