Our top 3 cakes of 2013 …. cake #3

The year is coming to an end and 2013 is almost done and boy has it been a good one.  Looking over my posts for the past few months I noticed that I never speak of the cakes that I make, it’s always cupcake this and cupcake that.  Well, after speaking with my Cake Critic, who also happens to be my husband, we picked out our top 3 cakes of 2013 and thought we would share them with you for the final 3 days of the year.

So drum roll please….cake #3 is “Dirty 30”.  Agnes at Ubisoft Toronto asked me to make a cake for Lydia’s 30th birthday and it had to say “Welcome to your Dirty 30’s”.  I did some looking around and found some dirty 30 cakes with the Vegas on them and thought this would be different for the cake topper.  I then remember when I was looking for inspiration for this cake, I came across a one on Pinterest that had a devil’s horns and tail on the “30”, so I incorporated that into my design as well.  I then made fondant cut outs of things girls love, i.e. shoes, wine and make up and put that around the body of the cake.

I had a lot of fun making this cake and I hope you enjoy cake #3 of our 2013 review.  Watch out tomorrow for Cake #2 of 2013, will it be the cake I made for you?

Lydia's Dirty 30 Birthday Cake

Dirty 30 - 2 Dirty 30 - 3


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