Our top 3 cakes of 2013 …. Cake #2

My friends over at Ubisoft Toronto were very supportive of Tu-Tu’s Cupcakery as that’s where a lot if my business came from (thank you!). And with that said cake #2 of 2013 was requested by Lydia Bowser. And if your thinking that her named sounds familiar, it should as cake #3 in the count down was her birthday cake.

Lydia asked me to make a Luau themed birthday cake for a family member. She provided me with a picture from cake CorrieCakes on how she wanted the cake to look, but the only thing she defiantly wanted on the cake were hibiscus flowers. Even though I’d never made a hibiscus flower a day in my life I said ok to the request. I got to work and actually made some flowers that looked pretty decent. However, I made the flowers out of fondant instead of gum paste and once I handled them after they dried they broke.  So, plan B it was.  I would make flat flowers instead of 3D, but you know what regardless of my set backs, the cake came out wonderfully!

So here is CAKE #2 of 2013, the Luau Cak3!


Stop by tomorrow to find out which cake will make it to the #1 spot.  Better yet, check out our gallery and let us know which cake you think should take the top spot.

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