Our top 3 cakes of 2013 …. Cake #1

It is literally hours before 2013 over and I have to say that I’ve been totally blessed this year with good health, a loving husband and amazing friends.  I know in previous posts I’ve said thank you for your support of Tu-Tu’s Cupcakery, but sometimes just saying it once isn’t enough, so Thank You!.  A special thank you to those who gave me guidance, like Monica Graham and Mardi of a Leap of Cake in Toronto and to those who challenged me in my baking decorating skills, like Agnes Doyle and my husband. Merci!

Ok, so you want to know who took the top spot for 2013?  Well this honor goes to the “Lil’ Monkey” Baby Shower Cake that I did for Kala Ramachandran.  Kala asked me to make a Baby Shower Cake for her girlfriend that wasn’t gender specific.  She sent me a few pictures of  cakes that she liked and I chose from there which one I would try to replicate.  However, the original cake had 2-3 tiers and I would only be making a 1 tiered cake.  So I thought making the cake topper out of sugar cookies and standing them up would give the cake the height that I was ultimately looking for.  If I recall the cake flavor was Lemon with Raspberry Filling and Lemon Buttercream Frosting.

So here is Cake #1 of 2013!  Happy New Year!

Baby Shower Cake for Kala

Baby Shower Cake for Kala


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