It’s a Starbucks kinda day!

Guess what, my girl Amber was blessed to see another year today which gave me an excuse to make a cake! Now I ave to admit I’ve been kind of lax in my baking lately, but I saw pictures that my friends were posting from other bakeries and that kinda got my juices flowin.
So about Amber, there are 2 things she loves right after her immediate family, husband and kids and that’s Red Bull and Starbucks! Knowing this made it extremely easy to create a cake for her.
I call the cake my “Mocha Frappe”…. Mocha cake with layers of caramel frosting, chocolate and caramel sauce in between each layer.
I had a ton of fun making this because I knew how happy it would make Amber!
Happy Birthday Amber! God Bless.



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