New Job New Cupcake!

I was blessed to start a new job 2 weeks ago and so far I like the atmosphere! I’m changing my focus from workers compensation to disability management and although I’m ready for the new challenge I’m nervous at the same time. But nothing like taking a 2 week vacation to London with a few days in Paris to settle those nerves, lol. So since I’m leaving my new co-workers for some fun, I thought I would bring them some cupcakes. I purchased a can of dulce de leche a few weeks ago that wanted to incorporate into a cupcake somehow. So I decided on a spicy chocolate cupcake filled with dulce de leche and dulce de leche frostings. Now the “spicy” part didn’t come through because I used “Mexican Chili Powder” vs. Ancho Chili Powder. Nevertheless, the cupcakes were a hit in my office and they want treats every Thursday now, lol.
I love making people smile. I


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