Cake and Travel

Once again i find myself feeling bad because I haven’t kept you in the loop as to what I’ve been up to.  (Sad face)  So here it is January 24th and I’m working only my 2nd post of the month, oh boy!

Well let’s see, my last post was October 2014, ew, and several things have happened in my life.  Let’s see if I can put this in some type of order.

My husband and I went to Paris and London in April 2014 and that was the best trip ever.  I always say that after we go anywhere, but it really was.  We got to visit family in London, see a play, ride the London Eye, see Buckingham Palace, see the Queens jewels and carriages, see Big Ben.  It was wonderful.  Then to put the cherry on the top, we took the train to Paris.  My husband had the trip jammed packed of sight seeing, but it was so awesome.  The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The River Seine, Notre Dame were all so breathing taking.  I so admire how they preserve their history.

I got a new job with an awesome company.  I know your like, wait, didn’t you get a new job before going to Paris/London? And the answer would be yes.  But things happen in Gods time.  So the original job was making changes, letting people go and before I became a causality God placed me with a new company and an awesome group of people.

Our last trip was to Cancun, Mexico.  So your saying to yourself that’s where the kids go for Spring Break.  Well let me tell you, this was an adult only resort that my husband and I plan on going back to in the future!  The service, amenities, weather and food were all amazing!  Oh and did I mention the free fully stocked mini bar in the room that they replenished every day!   And the topper on my cupcake was the purchase of our new home last year!  God is good and we are so blessed!

Ok, so in between of all this I did manage to do a little baking.  Here are a few pics, hope like and we’ll talk soon.

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