I’ll bring dessert 

My husband and I decided to host Easter Dinner this year with a twist…a potluck.  I was open to hosting but didn’t want the responsibility of makythe entire dinner.  

You would think me being the baker I would supply the desserts right?  Nope, my aunt Gertrude said she would bring dessert since she was already making something for her church.  So I decided to make something else.  

Wouldn’t you know it, Easter morning I decided to make a cake anyway.  While I was getting the box cake mix out my husband asked what my plan was.  I told him a 3 layer cake with multiple colors.  He looked st me crazy and said that sounds like a lot of work.  Why don’t you just make a carrot cake?  I said ok, I just so happen to have a carrot cake mix as well.  He was like “what? A box carrot cake?  You make a bomb as carrot cake”. My response was “uugghh, the work 😳”. I said if you shred the carrots I’ll make the cake.  Boom!

Happy Easter Family!