Our top 3 cakes of 2013 …. Cake #2

My friends over at Ubisoft Toronto were very supportive of Tu-Tu’s Cupcakery as that’s where a lot if my business came from (thank you!). And with that said cake #2 of 2013 was requested by Lydia Bowser. And if your thinking that her named sounds familiar, it should as cake #3 in the count down […]

Our top 3 cakes of 2013 …. cake #3


The year is coming to an end and 2013 is almost done and boy has it been a good one.  Looking over my posts for the past few months I noticed that I never speak of the cakes that I make, it’s always cupcake this and cupcake that.  Well, after speaking with my Cake Critic, who […]

Tis’ the season!


Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is upon us.  With only 3 weeks until the big day I’ve been itching to make something festive for the season.  So what did I do to find inspiration….I started looking at Pinterest of course!  My husband will tell you that I am a certified Pinterest junkie and I will […]

Win a Dozen Cupcakes!


Good afternoon to all my cupcake lovers out there!  Hope you’re having an awesome start to your weekend.  Did you know that Tu-Tu’s Cupcakery is taking orders for cupcakes and cakes?  Well, it’s true and to kick things off we are going to have a contest where the winner will get a dozen free cupcakes!  […]

Tu-Tu’s Home!

Peach Cobbler cupcakes

Well, I’ve been away from my blog for a while as there’s been a lot going on with me.  After finally getting a job in Canada, I ended up quitting because my husband got a new job back in the SF Bay Area!  I can say that Canada wasn’t entirely my cup of tea, but I enjoyed […]

2 tiers and a water tower

So, I’m not a blogger.  What I mean is yes, I’m writing about the cakes I make, but it is taking everything in me to get my posts done.  And as you will see from this post, I am very behind on some things! A few months ago, yes I said months, I was asked to […]

Love for sale

Hummingbird and Vanilla Valentine cupcakes

February was Valentines Day, the month of love, chocolates, candy conversation hearts, teddy bears and cards.  I wanted to get in on the game by offering my gift of love to those who wanted to give a little something different to give.  I put together a flyer offering cupcakes in a variety of flavors in […]

Sweet Baby

Baby sugar cookies

Hey everybody! It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in and given some insight to the pictures posted, so I thought I would sit down and get to it. So if you remember, my hair stylist is pregnant and I made those cute red velvet cupcakes with the baby topper. Well, I was in the mood […]

Bacon Cupcakes & Audrey!

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

So before I moved to Canada I couldn’t bake a cake, especially from scratch, to save my life.  But with having time, and being able to relax I’ve found my love of baking.  When I bake something new I usually post the pictures up on Facebook so my family can see what I’ve been up to.  […]

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