Just a little somethin’


We had a friend over for dinner the other night and he was telling us how he had to go to make 3 different stops on Christmas for dinner.  And while he was explaining this to my husband and I all I could do was think I was glad it wasn’t me in this situation.   My […]

UbiKids Christmas Bash

Vanilla Minis

Sunday was the end to my baking for the weekend.  I received an order from Ubisoft Toronto to make 200 mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with a Christmas theme for their yearly UbiKids Christmas Bash.  I decided to keep it simple for decorations and purchased some holiday candies and christmas themed jimmies.  At first 200 mini cupcakes seemed daunting, but […]

iPhone & Margaritas


Saturday was a busy day for me, I had 2 birthday cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes.  I had 1 cake down and it was now time for the second.  This request was for a birthday girl who loved her iPhone, Ferrero Roche and Tequila!  So my only direction was that the cupcakes were to be margarita flavored and […]

Manchester United

Manchester United Yellow Cake

Guess who got another order for a soccer cake?  Yep, that’s right, this girl!  This time I was to make a vanilla on vanilla Manchester United themed birthday cake. My first issue was the Vanilla Cake, which in the end was a non issue.  I’ve tried different recipes and none of them have made me […]

Marble Arsenal

Marble Cake

I received a request for a marble birthday cake with chocolate frosting decorated in Arsenal theme, and although my knowledge of both were very slim I said ok.  Remember, I’m a girl who likes a challenge!  So I found a recipe for the marble cake, which was no problem.  And then I started on my quest for information on Arsenal, which I […]

Birthday Song

Mic Cupcakes

My stylist, Corinne recently asked me to make goodies for her birthday party.  After sitting in her chair getting my hair done for the past 2 years I’ve discovered that she’s also goes by the name Cori Green and is perusing her love of music and laying down track in the studio.  So not only is she a master with a flat-iron, […]

Movember Love

Movember cupcakes for Ubisoft

Before my husband started working at Ubisoft Toronto I had never heard of Movember.  So what is Movember you ask?  Well let me give you a little info…On Novmber 1st or Movember as they call it, men around the world shave their faces clean and for the rest of the month, they grow out their mustaches.  Supported by their family and […]

Go Diego Go!

Diego Birthday Cake

I had the opportunity to do a birthday cake for my husband’s godson, Jaiden who was turning 4.  The cake itself was vanilla on vanilla but I added white chocolate chips and toffee bits to the center filling just to give a little surprise and some texture.  The only challenge at that point was decorating the cake.  […]

Yummy Mummy Birthday!

Top View Yummy Mummy

For the past few months I’ve been getting orders in for birthday cakes from my husband’s Employer. The requests usually come from Agnes who is specific on the cake flavor/filling and how the message on the cake should read. Sometimes if there is no specific decoration request I will take a little creative license and […]

Pumpkin Birthday Bash

Pumpkin Cookie Minis

My husband works for a gaming company and once a month they have what’s called a “UbiBash”. It’s essentially a monthly party where all departments get together blow off some steam and share in music, games and food. Well this year they requested that I make 10 dozen mini pumpkin cookies for their Halloween Bash, […]

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