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New Job New Cupcake!

I was blessed to start a new job 2 weeks ago and so far I like the atmosphere! I’m changing my focus from workers compensation to disability management and although I’m ready for the new challenge I’m nervous at the same time. But nothing like taking a 2 week vacation to London with a few […]

Tis’ the season!


Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is upon us.  With only 3 weeks until the big day I’ve been itching to make something festive for the season.  So what did I do to find inspiration….I started looking at Pinterest of course!  My husband will tell you that I am a certified Pinterest junkie and I will […]

iPhone & Margaritas


Saturday was a busy day for me, I had 2 birthday cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes.  I had 1 cake down and it was now time for the second.  This request was for a birthday girl who loved her iPhone, Ferrero Roche and Tequila!  So my only direction was that the cupcakes were to be margarita flavored and […]

Yummy Mummy Birthday!

Top View Yummy Mummy

For the past few months I’ve been getting orders in for birthday cakes from my husband’s Employer. The requests usually come from Agnes who is specific on the cake flavor/filling and how the message on the cake should read. Sometimes if there is no specific decoration request I will take a little creative license and […]